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The ongoing process of reforming laws and policies in different countries to align them with the Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has in recent years generated serious debate around the likely impact on social welfare and human rights, particularly in developing countries like Uganda where innovation is relatively low. The media is critical not only in shaping this debate, but also in generating broader exchange of opinions on the key issues of public concern.

The media training program is part of CEHURD’s advocacy for a fair balance between the rights of holders of intellectual property rights (inventors, creators, authors, etc) and the interests of the wider society that consumes goods and services. This work has prioritized the impact of intellectual property protection on access to medicines, knowledge and agriculture.

Every year, CEHURD, supports a Media Training Fellowship, to empower Media towards effective reporting on issues of Intellectual Property Rights. Meet the 2013 IP Media Fellows

Report of IP fellowship -Orientation Workshop held on 10th -12th April, 2013 at the Country Lake Resort Garuga

This year, CEHURD welcomed 15 fellows to the annual intellectual property and human rights media fellowship that runs for 12months. See press release here

The fellows were welcomed to the fellowship program by Ms. Primah Kwagala who informed them of how the program works and what to expect in the subsequent months. The official Opening remarks were presented by Mr. Mulumba Moses who also gave an introduction to Intellectual Property and development. See details of his presentation here

Fellows were there after introduced to concepts of copyright, seed, creative commons, access to medicines as you may be able to see from the presentations here, and

Alumnai fellow –Mr. Zakumumpa Henry from the 2011/12 fellowship shared his experience with the new mentees and his remarks can also be accessed here

The Program for the training workshop is available for reference here


Fellows being introduced to CC initiatives in Uganda
Fellows being introduced to CC initiatives in Uganda

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Alumnus Henry Zakumumpa Sharing his experience in the past Fellowship on IPRs
Alumnus Henry Zakumumpa Sharing his experience in the past Fellowship on IPRs



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