Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

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In December 2019, CEHURD will make 10 years of visible and tangible progress. With a great backbone provided by the Board of Directors, committed partners, a great staff and our communities of interest, we have managed to stay focused on the key issues, which has been essential to our success.

For the past nine years, we have held the banner for justice and the right to health for vulnerable and minority groups and I am proud to say we have returned solid results. We are continuing to lead the way to total enjoyment and observance of health and human rights by all.

As an assurance to the continuity of our cause and our unchanged core focus, we can point our success to earlier trials, the newly developed strategic plan 2019-2023, a new organogram, a case tracker and our committed partners.

We have seen the need to revise and introduce new programs that will revamp our mission and vision to secure even greater achievements, we acquired new computers to improve our performance and embarked on more new projects. The decision to take on any additional developments will be based on the needs of our target constituencies and on existing opportunities.