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Legal Aid Fundraising

Are you able to support CEHURD establish and launch a Legal Aid Fund to support children who have experienced defilement?

The majority of pro bono cases are for
 children who are sexually abused by strangers and those closest to them.

The evening of 28th September, 2023 was a fundraising dinner linked to the UCHD 2023 conference which focused on giving for an important cause – support for children who experience sexual violence in Uganda. This important dinner was attended by 130 guests representing a diversity of partners. It was graced by Her Excellency, Ambassador Maria Hokansson of the Embassy of Sweden in Uganda in company of Counsellor Health, Thomas Lundstrom from the same Embassy. Ambassador Maria launched a Legal Aid Fund, created to enable the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) strengthen legal aid support to ensure access to justice for children who experience sexual violence in Uganda. The Fund will also enable CEHURD to integrate psychosocial support for these children and their families. This initiative was inspired by CEHURD’s current experience where the majority of clients accessing services from the institution’s legal aid programme are children who have experienced sexual violence from those who should protect them. These children wo are already vulnerable from conditions such as poverty, navigate a lonely life’s journey, dominated by stigma and isolation from their own families, communities and society.

The story of Grace (not real name), one of CEHURD’s legal aid client was an emotional reality, representing the more than 10,000 children who face sexual violence each year in Uganda according to the annual police crime report. Grace narrated the story of how her 10-year-old daughter was repeatedly sexually abused during the Covid-19 time by her own biological father. Grace also recalled instances of physical domestic violence directed to her for reporting the case to healthcare facility and police.

Angel Kabera, A young Poet demonstrated the devastating impact of sexual violence on children in Uganda, including the frustration of their dreams and ability to realise their full potential. The Poem titled – Spoken Word: A tale of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Uganda is an original composition which constitutes an advocacy tool for ending SGBV among children. 

CEHURD is grateful to Ambassador Maria Hokansson for her commitment to fighting sexual gender-based violence in Uganda as demonstrated in her Guest Speech at the dinner.

The Embassy of Sweden in Uganda is proud to support the UCHD 2023 conference and pledges solidarity to support persons facing SGBV and working with partners to address the issue.” Ambassador Maria Hokansson, Embassy of Sweden in Uganda.

Two police officers who have demonstrated commitment towards ensuring access to justice by children who experience sexual violence in rural Hoima district received awards in appreciation of their contribution to fighting SGBV. A journalist who has made exceptional effort to report on SRHR in Uganda was also recognised for her work.

This fundraising drive remains open. You can send your contribution using the following payment options or Email: if you have questions.


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We wish to continue with this important legal aid support work for children and their families. Our desire is to reach many more across the country. We would like to strengthen our legal aid support services to sexually abused children by integrating psychosocial support in our legal aid service, and this would benefit our staff too. That way, the children are able to live a normal, stigma-free meaningful life and thrive in all environments including school.

Our ask is that you join us for the fundraising dinner aimed at establishing a Legal Aid Fund for this cause. This dinner is planned for the evening of Thursday 28th September 2023 at Mestil Hotel in Kampala, Uganda. The dinner ticket costs USD 120 per person and USD 1000 for a table of 10 people. You can support others to participate in this cause. It is one of the events to be held as part of the first Uganda National Conference on Health, Human Rights and Development (UCHD) scheduled for 26th – 29th September 2023 at the same venue, for which you can register through the same link. You can also extend this information to your networks and spread the word.