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Edith Sifuna

Programme Officer, Campaigns, Partnerships and Networks

Ms Edith Sifuna is a Program officer at CEHURD under the Campaigns, Partnership and Networking Program, she is a social work who is enthusiastic and committed to advocate for human and health rights of the vulnerable communities that cannot stand up to speak out and demand for their rights. Edith has got over four (4) years’ experience of community relations and engagements and knowledgeable in the fields of HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and Maternal health. She has been involved in number advocacy work with much emphasis on improving the maternal and child health care service delivery in relation to access to information on HIV/AIDS, SRHR most especially family planning for the young people.  She has experience in working with grass root communities sensitizing them and empowering them to demand for services and also engaging legislators and duty bearers to advance services to such key people.