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We are a non-profit, research and advocacy organization which is pioneering the justiciability of the right to health. Founded in 2010, Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) has moved from the margins to the centre stage of advancing social justice and health rights in health systems in Uganda, East African Region, Pan-African and Globally.

We contribute to deconstructing health and human rights and use the law, policy engagements, evidence-based advocacy and mobilizing communities as the major entry points that informs our interventions at national level and in more than 14 Districts of Uganda at the moment with plans of scaling up to other districts. We have ground-breaking strategic litigation cases that have informed jurisprudence and defined greater rights for our target constituencies while also being actively engaged in East Africa, Pan Africa and International human rights mechanisms, processes and movements.

CEHURD focuses its efforts on critical issues of human rights and health systems in East Africa such as sexual and reproductive health rights, trade and health, and medical ethics which affect the vulnerable and less-advantaged populations such as women, children, orphans, sexual minorities, people living with HIV/AIDS, persons with disabilities, internally-displaced persons, refugee populations and victims of violence, torture, disasters and conflict.

To advance health rights for vulnerable communities through an integrated program of litigation, advocacy and action research.

A society in which social justice and human rights in health systems is realized.