CEHURD has strategically positioned itself as a leading organisation that uses strategic litigation to define greater rights in the area of health and human rights. Since its founding in 2010, litigation in health and human rights has been one of the flagship programmes of CEHURD. To date, a total of 33 cases have been filed, 7 Pro-Bono cases and 8 strategic cases have been successfully undertaken (directly or indirectly) in courts of law, quasi-judicial bodies, tribunals and through mediation/negotiation. Our pro-bono cases benefit individuals and the strategic cases benefit the public at large and address system gaps


We are interested in expanding access to justice in health through CEHURD programmes and those of our partners by engaging courts of law, quasi-judicial bodies, tribunals and private law firms. CEHURD will establish a fully-fledged legal aid clinic, undertake mobile legal aid clinics, explore use of various formal and informal justice mechanisms as well as employ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms. For greater impact, we shall strengthen the capacities of Community Health Advocates (CHAs) in our current 12 districts of operation so as to be able to identify cases and engender greater citizen involvement in pursuance of health rights. We are also interested in scaling up our litigation work to other districts over the next five years. Further, as a way to build onto our previous achievements registered in the past strategic phase; CEHURD will undertake refresher and ongoing support for members of the Legal Support Network (LSN) to enable them to effectively provide legal services to health workers trapped in the Criminal Justice System.

We shall deliberately identify and partner with other like-minded actors within the public sector, private law firms and CSOs to expand litigation on health rights in Uganda. Key among targeted partners are: Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), Uganda Law Society (ULS), Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC), Uganda Medical Association (UMA), academia, private law firms and legal aid service provider networks.

CEHURD is cognisant of the fact that sustaining our mission and vision requires weaving the intricate connections between the local to grassroots to national to regional and international human rights mechanisms and processes. As such therefore, we shall invest in strengthening CEHURD capacity to engage with regional and international human rights mechanisms and processes as well as learn from other like-minded actors in health rights litigation within Africa and internationally.


  • GOAL Enabling legal environment and justice system that promotes, respects and guarantees the right to health.
  • OBJECTIVE To promote sustainable access to justice in health and human rights in Uganda.
  • PROGRAMME LEAD Ibrahim Nsereko
  • CONTACT info@cehurd.org
  • Category Programmes