1. Hello dear!, CEHURD, I’ve been following so many of your engagements through the various social media platforms, and some of the incidences that have been handled as regards the rights of society members especially in matters concerning their rights as per their sexual and reproductive health.
    It has always been a personal challenge to me to help advocate for and address issues related to sexual and reproductive health and gender based violence and the uphold of the girl child!. Unfortunately I’ve never had an opportunity to execute these great attributes within me.
    I’m currently working in kidepo valley national park as AAR/UWA health care worker!. With a pay of 840,000 ugsh. Monthly. Where I am is perfectly fine but with it, I’m not given the opportunity to bring out the best of me!. My activities either limit me or put me in a position to do things in a different direction from what my actual zeal is and perhaps where my strengths are best seen and valued!.
    I did a certificate in nursing and looking forward to study public health!, but along side that I have acquired other certificates of proficiency in other fields like nutrition, dental health, counselling and guidance etc!.
    I have about 4years of experience working as a health worker with two of them in different hospitals and medical centers and clinics and two years where I am till date with Uganda wild life authority and AAR health insurance,
    I’ve attained so many personal benefits and qualities which I believe have made me a better health worker!.
    I look forward to doing a research related work to family planning and sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, young people rights, communicable diseases.
    I write this to you NOT as an application for recruitment because the advertised posts require someone holding an academic document far beyond what I possess,
    So I write this to you for you to know my interest in working with you because of the areas of concern and public health that your company addresses. And to let you see my zeal!
    I would be grateful to get a reply if working with you at my level is possible!.

    Thanks for the work you do in the communities, upholding the rights of those whose rights are been violated and who are not in position to speak for themselves due to so many reasons!,
    I can do a research on that if that would be necessary!.
    Willing to hear from you! And email messaging would be of interest to me if possible!

    Fred Adukule
    adukulef@gmail.com, +256775564075

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