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In the video below NTV Kenya investigates a story of HIV+ women in various slums in Kenya who profit from ARVs given to them.

[youtube_video id=”xeiie4nusqA” width=”560″ height=”315″]


They are the people for whom free anti retroviral treatment was designed; HIV+ women do not have the money to access the medicine they need.  Yet for a group of HIV+ women in various informal settlements in Nairobi, the ARVs they receive do not profit their health, but they do profit from them.  Many unsuspecting Kenyans may be settling down to a drink that they’ve made, using the very same drugs that could save their lives. Here now is NTV’s Jane Ngoiri with a brand new NTV Investigates documentary, on women driven by poverty into a game of chance with their own lives, those of many others. These are the Sisters of Death.