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Employment Opportunity

1. Job Title: Legal Officer

Department/Group: Strategic Litigation

Reports to: Programmes Coordinator

Direct Reportees: All Programme Staff

Job Purpose: The Legal Officer will work with a group of experience lawyers to provide a cross section of legal services to health service providers.

Key Responsibilities: a) Legal Advisory and Representation

• Meet and interview clients for the purpose of identifying their grievances and planning appropriate legal solutions

• Gather evidence to inform any possible litigation cases or policy review and development process

• Represent clients in all legal proceedings including but not limited to arbitrations, negotiation, settlement meetings, court proceedings and other legal proceedings,

• Draw up legal documents for the purposes of protecting the rights and interests of the clients and/or presenting their cases before any judicial or quasi-judicial body

• Advise clients on all legal issues especially issues relating to the protection and realisation of their sexual reproductive health and rights

• Interpret laws, rulings and regulations for the purposes of explaining the law to clients

• Identify and challenge obstacles to the realisation of the right to health especially sexual and reproductive health rights

• Work with Programme managers in CEHURD to engage those in charge of setting health policies to implement the solutions reached via research. This will include but not limited to preparing Policy or Research briefs, reports, testimonies for public hearings, presentations and petitions on health policies.

• Contribute towards ensuring timely, quality and accurate programme quarterly and annual reporting

• To develop and expand CEHURD’s strategic relations and partnerships in litigation of the right to health especially sexual reproductive health rights Details of the Job Description and qualifications can be accessed here>>>

The Closing date for the receipt of applications is March 20th 2015, by 5:00pm