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By Serunjogi Francis
Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) joined Uganda National Tobacco Control Association (UNTCA) and other CSOs to form a coalition with an aim of promoting the campaign on tobacco control in Uganda.

This was witnessed in a training workshop organized by Uganda National Tobacco Control Association (UNTCA) on the 27th- 28th March, 2013. The training aimed at building capacity for increased efficiency and effectiveness of fundraising campaigns and to inform managers and fundraisers among Tobacco control CSO stake holders on types of fundraising and how to approach donors for grants.

The workshop among other activities are all carried out with one major goal; to build capacity and a strong partnership of Civil Society Organizations for effective tobacco control activism in Uganda and to support the tobacco control Bill passage.

According to Mr. Gilbert Muyambi the Executive Secretary UNTCA, globally 560 people die due to tobacco related illnesses every hour, 13,400 people die every day, 4.9 million people every year, and it is estimated that by the end of the year 2030, 10 million people will have died from tobacco and out of those deaths, 70% will have  occurred in developing countries like Uganda.

According to the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2006, almost a quarter of Ugandan males (22%) aged between 15 and 49% are smokers while 4% of females are smokers.
It is upon this background that UNTCA and other partner organizations CEHURD inclusive strongly believe that there must be control on tobacco. This can be achieved through the Tobacco Control Bill 2012 that is to be tabled in parliament by Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, MP Kinkizi West.

The Tobacco Control Coalition is therefore geared towards among others sensitizing all relevant stakeholders that play critical roles as regards tobacco control and thereby ensure that the Tobacco Control bill is passed.

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