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As the World Commemorates the International Day of Midwives, under the theme, “Midwives, Mothers & Families: Partners for life,” The Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) within the Coalition to Stop Maternal Mortality in Uganda and with Support from the Advocacy For Better Health project conducted a Community Dialogue at the CEHURD headquarters in Ntinda.

This Dialogue brought together different stake holders including Midwives form different Health facilities such as the National Referral Hospital, Members of the Civil Society Organisations, Mothers and Fathers as well as Media Practitioners.

The Dialogue which was aimed at appreciating the wonderful role played by midwives in according care to women and their newborns during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and the post delivery period gave the different stake holders an opportunity to expound on Experiences encountered by Midwives while doing their day to day work, the Challenges they face as well as paving way on how to address the existing challenges hence improving quality service delivery and thus reducing the maternal mortality rate in the country.

In the presence of the Media, the gathering took this opportunity to ask the Government of Uganda to;

  • Recruit more midwives to address the imbalance in numbers between the midwives, women and the newborns in their care.
  • Provide materials and equipment needed for the midwives to undertake their work.

You Can also Find the CEHURD Official Press Statement Released during the Commemoration of the International Day of the Midwives HERE.

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