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By: Ms. Lilian Aguti

A woman is worth celebrating, without her the world would be extinct.

What wouldn’t a woman do? House chores; treatment; hustles with in-laws; educates her children; once married, she loses her name among others.

My experience as a mother speaks volumes. Going through pregnancy for nine months came with challenges. I ceased to eat what I loved, but craved for. My dress code changed, body shape changed, got mood swings, struggled with nausea, etc. This is not different from any expectant mother. Explaining these challenges to a man may sound obvious but what does it yield? The level of care has since ceased being their responsibility although some do.

It becomes worse at the time of delivery, your health and life at that moment is at the hands of the service provider, who in most cases, is a woman. Being a woman is priceless!

Often times, if not all times, struggles with the new born are with a woman. Hardly does she sleep yet sometimes she is a caesarean mother enduring all the pain that comes with delivery. It never crosses a man’s mind that such a woman needs rest, food has to be placed on the table. It becomes worse if it is a rural woman.

Working with CEHURD has given me an opportunity to empower women and advance their rights. Listening to the stories from the women in the communities we work with gives me more urge to be their voice. Sometimes though, the impact on realization of rights may take longer especially when some violations seem personal or normal.

With its novel ideas of legal empowerment, social accountability, media engagements, sensitization on rights and responsibilities, litigation, policy advocacy etc, CEHURD has indeed advanced women’s rights. I cannot fail to attribute such success as we #Pressforprogress.

Happy women’s day.

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