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The CEHURD legal aid clinic successfully mediated a case where a young man lost his life due to negligence. The man, Kiiza Muhabuba Kayinda, was involved in an accident and was rushed to Topen Link Medical Centre (not real name) for emergency treatment. 

Despite being treated for his wounds for ten days, the hospital failed to provide him with the necessary tetanus vaccine, which led to him contracting tetanus. His condition worsened, and his family had to transfer him to Kampala Hospital and later to Uganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga, where he was diagnosed and treated for tetanus. However, Kayinda was mismanaged in all three hospitals, as his family claims he was kept in open rooms with excessive light, which worsened his condition. He eventually passed away on January 19th, 2021, at Uganda Martyr’s Hospital Lubaga due to tetanus. 

As a result of CEHURD’s mediation, the hospital compensated Kayinda’s family for their loss.

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