“Of late, there is increased media awareness on maternal health rights. It was thus easy for us to identify the Center for Health, Human rights and Development as the leading institution of maternal health advocacy in Uganda. We have seen you institute cases of maternal deaths and reaching out to the most vulnerable women in this country. When one checks online, your work is visible. When Rotary Club of Wandegeya Kampala called on stakeholders to the launch of the “save a mother campaign” you did not hesitate, you quickly responded and showed commitment by turning up, we visibly saw you, we saw your banners, tear drops and CEHURD was all over. This was a determination that we could work together. It’s not surprising therefore that when the board of the club, your name appeared on the list of those we wanted to have on the committee for the campaign. We are grateful that even when we sent an email, your response was prompt.” Daniel Lubogo, President Rotary Club of Wandegeya, Kampala during a meeting held with CEHURD on 25/1/18.

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