Intellectual Property and Human Rights – Uganda

The IP and commercial law reform process is both an opportunity and challenge; an opportunity to promote technological progress while also protecting human rights, but also a challenge because of an unhealthy combination of lack of sufficient knowledge at the population level and a weak negotiating position vis-à-vis other countries and negotiating blocs.

The current laws and draft laws are not even taking advantage of the limited opportunities available through the TRIPS flexibilities, and a lot is at stake, including public health, food security and education. How well media influences the ongoing reform process will depend, among other things to their own capacity to understand, interpret and inform their audiences about all important developments in the IP and commercial law reform process.

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The Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) is an indigenous, non-profit, research and advocacy organization which is pioneering the justiciability of the right to health in the East Africa Region. CEHURD realizes this through a comprehensive set of programs including a public health law resource center; litigation, both strategic and pro-bono representation; research, analysis and publications; capacity building; and public policy.

CEHURD concentrates its efforts on vulnerable populations and critical issues affecting the health systems in the region such as women, children, orphans, sexual minorities, HIV/AIDs, persons with disabilities, refugee populations, and issues surrounding trade and health and medical ethics.

CEHURD’s mission is to work towards an effective, equitable, people centered public health system that ensures the full realization of the right to health and promotes respect for human rights in health care policy and practices. Our vision is to realize social justice in these systems in East African Region

Organizational description

CEHURD is a non-profit research and advocacy organisation. CEHURD was founded to contribute towards ensuring that public health laws are used as principle tools for the promotion and protection of public health of the vulnerable populations in Uganda and in the East African region.