The small grants initiative aims at supporting innovative projects among the membership of the Coalition to Stop Maternal Mortality due to Unsafe Abortion (CSMMUA) working at community level. These small grants will strengthen capacities and enhance the work of these organisations. This initiative is supported by the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (WPF) and administered by CEHURD.

Download Application details and Application form here;

  1. Hello my organization is small have been reaching to few teenage mother’s die to lack of funds am so glad to see how helpful you are

  2. does local non profit community organization apply yet they haven’t been funded since inception?

  3. Mbale Network of Young People Living with HIV is a Community Based Organization that advances SRHR, HIV and SGBV we work with Adolescent Girls and Young Women. We are not yet members of CSMMUA. How do we subcribe?

  4. you are doing a great job to see that there is change in women/girls life as this has become a very common problem in communities.
    fistula women`s network (FIWON) is a CBO based in mbale.

  5. We are working on safe abortion care but we have never been supported.we are happy to learn of your support

  6. Thank you for the good work Of promoting adolescents and young women, can our organisation working with teenage girls and young women that has not yet received any funding be supported, we did some work during covid period but due to funds we halted activities. How can you help or advise.

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